Coast 2 Coast
P.O Box 1096Lutz Fl. 33548
        Lutz/Land O Lakes

                                                                 Check List
            Kitchen:                                                Bathrooms:
Small & Large Appliances                      Mirrors, Lavatories 
Inside Microwave                                    Sinks & Counter Tops
Sinks & Counter Tops                             Showers & Tubs
Cabinet Fronts                                         Cabinet Fronts
               Dusting:                                            Floors:
Ceiling Fans, Baseboards                        Sweep all flooring
Lampshades, Pictures                           Vacuum Floors & Carpet
Knick Knacks, Empty Trash                   Mop all Floors
Blinds, Window Sills
Spot Check Glass Doors                                
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  3. Managing Director
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  5. Managing Director
Our Service Areas Include:
Lutz, Land O' Lakes, Odessa  
Wesley Chapel
  1. Your home will Sparkle
    Coast 2 Coast Maids provides a large variety of services to accommodate your lifestyle. Besides regular housekeeping you can also request laundry, shopping, cooking, inside the fridge, and oven cleaning and we also do windows inside and out.
  2. We pay attention to detail
    At Coast 2 Coast Maids we get all the nooks and crannies that most others overlook! We will clean your home like it was our own, to perfection.